vacuum packaging machine FAQ

vacuum packaging machineĀ  FAQ

1: What is your company’s main product?

Specializing in the production of various food vacuum packaging machines, including commercial vacuum packaging machines and industrial vacuum packaging machines. There are large-scale automatic rotary vacuum packaging machine, automatic continuous vacuum packaging machine, automatic thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, fully automatic double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, automatic continuous box vacuum sealing machine, and double chamber vacuum packaging machine. , single chamber vacuum packaging machine. Customized packaging machines for customers.


2: When is the delivery date of the product?

Usually, the delivery date of the vacuum packaging machine is 30 working days, and the delivery date of the large vacuum packaging machine is 60 working days.


3: What is the payment term?

Free consultation design, 40% of the payment starts production, and the balance is paid before shipment.


4: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are the manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines. We have a professional design center and production plant with extensive experience in overseas installation and training.


5: Where are you? Is it convenient to visit you?

We are located in Zhucheng, Shandong Province, China. The transportation is very convenient. Very close to Qingdao Port.


6: How can you guarantee the quality?

1.18 years experience in vacuum packaging machine production.

2. Fully automatic welding equipment.

3. Experienced and skilled workers.

4. World famous company accessories.

5. Strict testing.

6. On-site installation, commissioning, training. Suitable for companies around the world.

7. Strict quality control system certification.


7: Can you design a vacuum packaging machine according to our requirements?

Yes. We can not only recommend our vacuum packaging machine according to your requirements, but also develop vacuum packaging machines for you, including special sizes and special requirements.


8: Can you provide overseas technical support?

Yes. We can send engineers to your company for installation and commissioning training.


9: Why do our customers trust and choose us?

1. Production history

2. Large manufacturers

3. Fast delivery

4. Engineer Service

5. Competitive price

6. High quality

7. Strict quality control

8. Experienced skilled workers

9. Perfect vacuum packaging machine test

10. Rich export installation experience

11. Excellent after-sales service

12. Advanced large-scale production machinery and equipment


10: If you want to send a query, we should know:

1. What is your product?

2. What is the size of your product? Length X width x height =?

3. How many bags do you want to process per hour =?

4. Product nature?

5. How many days is the expected shelf life?



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