Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine


Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is named after the vacuum packaging bag by the thermoforming process. It is formed into a vacuum packaging bag by a thermoforming process using a stretched film, and the articles to be packaged are placed on the lower film, and then fully vacuum-packed. The upper and lower membranes are heated and sealed. According to the bag making material used, it is also called stretch film vacuum packaging machine.

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
thermoforming vacuum packaging machine


The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is a kind of automatic vacuum packaging machine. In addition to the vacuum packaging function, it also has a bag making system. The thermoforming stretching process is used to manufacture the co-extruded film into the upper and lower films of the vacuum packaging bag. After the vacuum, the seal is heated. This reduces the cost of the bag and the price is reduced by about half. For food companies with large output, there will be a lot of profit.

Suitable for all kinds of meat products, soy products, noodles, dairy products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, poultry, sausages, bread, cheese, eggs, kimchi, fish, Cat food, dog food and other pet food,etc., can be vacuum packed, can also be filled with nitrogen, or mixed The gas is packaged.

1. Accessories use world famous brands:
Using SIEMENS programming controller;
SIEMENS 10-inch color simulation touch screen;
Panasonic MDME152GCG servo variable frequency drive system;
French Schneider appliances;
Germany imported push-pull touch screen cantilever;
Panasonic servo high-speed high-precision positioning film design
United States BANNER photoelectric tracking, system control
Taiwan imported TYC wide open type 304 stainless steel film clip chain.
2. The device is equipped with a power-off memory function to ensure normal backup of parameters.
3. Mold: The upper and lower split type aluminum alloy molds can also be customized for you, and the loading and unloading is convenient and quick. strength
High corrosion resistance and meets food hygiene requirements.
4. Frame: Aluminum alloy frame with one extrusion. Aluminum alloy thick plate frame, not easy to deform, more secure use.
5. The distribution box and the whole machine protection are made of SUS304L stainless steel plate. Easy to clean,
6. Vacuum pump: Rietschle, Germany imported food grade vacuum pump, low noise, long life and good vacuum.
7. Forming heat sealing: the lifting structure of the forming die and the heat sealing die adopts a pneumatic lever type independent lifting and self-locking system.
The aluminum alloy cast-type integral heating plate makes the heating temperature more uniform and the life is longer.
8. Transverse cutter: The cross cutter is a single-tool movable and adjustable independent cross-cut system. PLC program control, can be touched
Set the cross cutter to open or close on the screen.
9. Upper and lower membranes: all adopt inductive automatic brake and tight membrane system, and are equipped with handle type lateral membrane adjustment device. And
Adjust the tension of the film at any time.
10. Waste edge recovery system: The adjustable torque torque motor system is used to adjust the torque of the waste side recovery motor at any time.
The waste edge collection is more convenient and simple, and has no noise, and is convenient and durable.

The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is a custom-made device. The specific parameters are designed according to the customer’s product. The following is an example of the 420 model for reference.
Model: DZDL-420
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Maximum power: 15kw / hour
Average power: 10kw-12kw / hour
Upper film width: 395mm
Lower film width: 422mm
Packing speed: 3-5 times per minute
Package effective size (mm): 390 x 484
Dimensions (mm): 5500-7500*1000*1800
Machine weight: 1500–1800Kg
Vacuum degree ≤50pa
Vacuum rate: 200 cubic meters / hour (55.6 liters / sec)
Compressed air pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa
Compressed air flow: ≥0.2 cubic meters / hour
Cooling water pressure: ≥0.1mpa
Sealing form: constant temperature instant

1. power on
2. Place items
The packaging machine is automatically vacuum packed, and the finished product is automatically unloaded to the assembly line after packaging.

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is also a custom-made equipment, the price is generally 25000-50000$, the specific price varies according to the product, please contact for consultation.


Thermoforming vacuum packaging PDF download  please click:

Thermoforming vacuum packaging PDF

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