Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine


Vacuum Skin  Packaging Mmachine

Vacuum skin packaging is a new packaging technology in Europe and America. After packaging, the product is tightly attached between the film and the substrate.In production, the trouble of manual bagging is eliminated. After packaging, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, and customers like to buy. Frozen foods can be packaged directly in a frozen state. The transparent film is softly attached to the product and the tray so that the soft article does not break the shape after packaging.Can better maintain the original look.

Skin vacuum packaging machine
Skin vacuum packaging machine

What is skin packaging?

The skin packaging method is to heat and soften the packaging film, and at the same time, evacuate the film under the bottom plate and paste the film onto the product according to the shape of the product. The bottom plate can be: a color printing paper card, corrugated cardboard or cloth.

skin packaging
skin packaging

Skin packaging machine application range

Skin packaging applications are mainly divided into three categories:

First, commercial visual display packaging: hardware products, color card printing, play the role of store shelves visual display packaging.

Second, industrial shockproof packaging: the use of transparent foam base film or corrugated cardboard, cushioning shockproof products.

Third, food vacuum preservation: such as fresh meat, fish, aquatic products (shrimp, oysters, etc.), poultry, pet food, etc., visual display effect is good, fresh, product shelf life is long, easy to use, sales are also convenient.

skin packaging
skin packaging

Advantages of skin packaging

1. Regardless of size, shape, alone or in combination, the product can be sealed at one time without any mold, convenient, flexible, practical and efficient.

2, the stereo effect is strong, the product is clearly visible, and the product value and grade are effectively improved.

3, the product is completely fixed between the cardboard and the film, with dust, shock and moisture resistance.

4. Compared with traditional protective packaging, it can reduce packaging volume and reduce storage and transportation costs.

5. High-grade ultra-transparent visual display packaging, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of the product market.

6. The skin vacuum packaging machine can save bagging time, and since the transparent film is closely attached to the article, water vapor is not generated on the package as compared with the package covered only on the disk, and drying can be prevented.

7. Since the upper transparent film and the lower transparent film (shallow plate, cardboard) are directly bonded together, water droplets are less likely to flow out and water in the article can be prevented from appearing.

8. Frozen foods can be packaged directly in a frozen state. The transparent film is softly attached to the product and the tray so that the soft item does not break the shape after packaging.

How to install the skin vacuum packaging machine

1. After transporting the machine to the workshop, lift the set screws smoothly to see if the cover is smooth, if the connector is loose and retighten.

2. Check if the vacuum pump oil level is in the correct position (1/2-2/3). If it is not correct, it should be adjusted.

3. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and check if the vacuum pump is running normally. (If there is no vacuum, the vacuum pump motor is likely to be reversed. Any two-phase line of the three-phase power cord should be replaced according to the arrow indication of the vacuum pump).

4. Select the desired heating temperature based on the packaging film material and set the temperature controller to the appropriate value (usually 110-135 degrees).

5. Turn on the power switch, then turn on the thermal switch and heat to the predetermined temperature.

6. Place the product on a tray or cardboard, tile in the lower studio, and manually press the lower manual switch in the lower right corner (ie the work switch).

7. After the work is completed, it will open automatically, please wait.

8. Pull the cover film from the back to the front and place it on the suction film.

9. Hold the top cover with both hands and remove the product.

10. Re-enter the studio into the product and continue to the next work cycle.

11. When the work stops, turn off the thermal switch, vacuum pump switch, power switch, and disconnect the power.

12. The device is equipped with an emergency stop function. If there are special circumstances, turn off the vacuum pump switch, stop working and deflate, then lift the lid.

Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine Instruction Manual

1. Install the film: Open the upper frame when the film is clamped on the table.

2. Gently pull the film through the right edge of the frame, and then press the upper frame to clamp the film.

3. Lift: Check if the “frame selection” switch is in the “continuous” position and press the “up” switch.

4. The membrane holder can be automatically stopped at the fixed point of the upper and lower proximity switch control. Before lifting, the film should be loosened in advance to prevent the film from sticking and the film frame stops rising.

5. Place the tray with the packaged item in the vacuum chamber of the working vacuum packaging machine. use tools. Do not push them directly with your hands to prevent personal injury in the event of an electrical failure. Press the “Auto Package” switch, the film is heated, the heat is reduced, and the three programs are automatically completed from the pre-adjusted time.

6. When the membrane frame automatically drops to the low point of the limit switch control, the vacuum pump will pump to the vacuum chamber.

7. In this case, it was found that the vacuum gauge pointer of the vacuum packaging machine did not operate, indicating that the vacuum pump motor was in reverse operation and should be stopped immediately. And adjust any two phases in the input phase line, then start working again from the second program.

8 Open the upper frame, pull the wrapped items to the right, place them on the auxiliary workbench, press the upper frame, Cut the packaged items and complete the packaging.

9. Start with the second item in the operating program and start the loop this week.


The difference between food skin vacuum packaging machine and box vacuum packaging machine

skin vacuum packaging can only be vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine can be inflated.

Body-fitted packaging film

PE skin packaging film (PE body-fitted film) is a kind of PE film. PE film has good toughness, moisture resistance and heat sealing properties, good processing and forming properties, and low price.
1. Low density polyethylene film. Extrusion blow-moulded T-LDPE film is a kind of non-toxic and odorless flexible transparent film. After adding viscous, it is very suitable for PE body-fitted packaging film. The thickness of LDPE films is generally between 0.02 and 0.1g. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) film has the advantages of high permeability, no aroma and poor oil resistance. It can not be used in the packaging of oxidized food, flavor food and oily food. But breathability allows it to be used in fresh fruits, vegetables and other fresh packaging.
2. High density polyethylene film. HDPE film is milky white, indicating poor gloss, a tough translucent film. The tensile strength, heat resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance and chemical stability of HDPE film are better than those of LDPE film, and it can be heat sealed, but its transparency is not as good as that of LDPE. Packaged food has poor air tightness, no fragrance and short storage period. HDPE film has good heat resistance and can be used as heat sealing layer for cooking bags. High density polyethylene film is not suitable for PE body-fitted packaging film.
3. Linear low density polyethylene film. LLDPE film is a new product of polyethylene film. Compared with polyethylene film, LLDPE film has higher tensile strength, impact strength, tear strength and durability. The thickness of LLDPE film can be reduced to 20-25% of LDPE film with the same strength and properties as LDPE film, which greatly reduces the cost. Even if used as heavy packaging bags, its thickness can meet the requirements, only 0.1 can replace the price of high polymer, high density polyethylene. Therefore, LLDPE is suitable for daily necessities packaging, frozen food packaging, as well as a large number of heavy-duty packaging bags. Linear low density polyethylene film, mainly used for packaging circuit board, that is, circuit non-vacuum body-fitted packaging film (circuit board vacuum packaging film)

Food Vacuum Skin Packaging Film Sarin Film

SE film: suitable for environmental food products, self-adhesive, cardboard without additional glue, can simplify the packaging process, save packaging costs; good transparency; body-fitted packaging is an economical and affordable choice.
Salt film (S film): For environmental protection food, it has good transparency and deep drawing, good gloss and optical properties, excellent tear resistance and penetration resistance, low temperature thermoforming, energy saving and high efficiency, and is the first choice of high-end product body package.
NWL Salmon Membrane (NS Membrane): Using special formula and technology, saltwater as raw material. It can solve the problem of “air trap” or bubbles caused by traditional salmon film or other body-fitted film packaging smooth products, and make the products more perfect after packaging.
PVC semi-rigid body-fitted film/sheet (PVC film): Good rigidity, suitable for general product packaging without environmental protection requirements.
Environmental protection semi-rigid film/sheet (PG film): deep drawing hot forming, good hardness and transparency, suitable for packaging of large and heavy products.
Anti-static body-fitted film (ST film): To meet the requirements of anti-static vacuum protection packaging for electronic components such as circuit boards.
Anti-rust film (SR film): VCI gas phase anti-rust technology is used to package hardware products, which has good anti-rust effect.
Polylactic acid body-fitted membrane: After discarding, compost can be decomposed and returned to nature to realize natural renewal and recycling of resources.
Food special vacuum body-fitted fresh-keeping packaging film (SF film): Made of special formula and technology, it has good transparency, tensile resistance and piercing resistance. It has excellent gas/water vapor/fragrance barrier performance. Food packaging has two functions of close-fitting stereoscopic display and vacuum fresh-keeping, which can effectively prolong the service life of food. The shelf life and shelf life of the product.


Characteristic of Salin Film for Food Packaging in Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine

High transparency, good visual display effect, more high-quality products and grade
Excellent extensibility, fully conform to and adhere to the product surface after packaging
Self-adhesive, paperboard free of glue, cost saving and process
Strong adhesion with cardboard and durable adhesion
Good toughness, good strength, good resistance to piercing and handling touch
All shape products can be packed, free of mould, flexible and convenient.
Low temperature thermoforming can improve efficiency and save energy
It can withstand ultra-low temperature without brittle cracking and has strong environmental adaptability.
Heating does not emit harmful odor, good anti-aging ability, long storage life

Chip Vacuum Packaging Machine

It is vacuum packaging of PCB, waterproof, anti-collision and anti-oxidation after packaging. Convenient transportation and use. External vacuum packaging machine was often used in the past, but because of the need for manual bagging, no body-fitted vacuum packaging is beautiful after packaging, and it is gradually replaced by body-fitted vacuum packaging machine in enterprises.
The characteristics of body-fitted chip vacuum packaging machine are as follows:
1. Transparency is high. After vacuum packaging, the appearance and texture of PCB can be seen at a glance, and the visual display effect is good.
2. Stretch forming performance is good. It has strong binding force on the packaged PCB products and effectively prevents the product from moving friction.
3. Heated packaging will not leave wrinkles on the surface of PCB, which will show you a good vacuum packaging effect of PCB.
4. Width can be more than 1.3 meters, thickness 0.15-0.5MM, you may use specifications, we can design packaging machine according to your needs.
Chip vacuum packaging machine operation: through the heating system of the circuit board vacuum body-fitted packaging machine, the vacuum packaging film is heated and softened and covered on the circuit board and transparent bubble bottom film. At the same time, the vacuum suction force of the PCB body-fitted vacuum packaging machine is activated under the bubble bottom film. The vacuum bundle protective packaging film is formed according to the shape of the circuit board, and adhered tightly to the bubble bottom film, that is, the circuit board. Tightly wrapped between transparent upper and bottom film, it has good visual display effect and industrial shock protection packaging effect.
The seven core advantages of PCB vacuum packaging:
1. Packaging efficiency: can pack a stack or multiple circuit boards at one time, no mold, one-time vacuum sealing packaging, rapid and efficient.
2. Improving the appearance value of PCB: This packaging is tightly attached to the product surface after heated and softened by PE film of transparent PCB vacuum packaging. It has strong three-dimensional, transparent and bright, easy to touch and inspect, and is neat and beautiful.
3. Vacuum shockproof protection effect is good: laminated circuit boards will not move after packaging, sheets are close to each other, which can effectively prevent shocks and frictions; vacuum sealed packaging can effectively prevent moisture, moisture, oxidation and dust, effectively protect the quality of products and prolong the shelf life of products.
4. The cost of packaging material is low: using ordinary PE vacuum film and bubble bottom film, the material is cheap and easy to obtain.
5. Save storage and transportation costs: Save packaging volume than traditional shock-proof packaging methods such as foam, bubble cloth, plastic absorber.
6. Environmental protection packaging: It is environmental protection packaging material, conforms to SGS, ROHS, FDA environmental protection regulations, and is non-toxic and harmless to circuit boards, human health and the environment.
7. Improving brand value: high-grade and high-quality packaging appearance.

Parameters of body-fitted vacuum packaging machine

technical parameter
Maximum size of vacuum chamber
Maximum body-fitted packaging area
Heating plate size
vacuum degree
Power Supply
Three-phase 50HZ, 6.8KW
Vacuum pump
100M / / time
Packaging capability
2-3 times per minute

Price of Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine

Skin vacuum packaging machine is a kind of high-priced vacuum packaging machine. The price of a single machine is about 15,000 US dollars. The specific requirements are based on customization requirements. Welcome to consult price

Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine
Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine-Fully automatic large continuous type, another

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