Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine


Rotary vacuum packaging machine

Chinese name : 旋转式真空包装机
Foreign name:Rotary vacuum packaging machine
Alias: 给袋式真空包装机
Foreign name: Give the bag vacuum packing machine
Product: Packaging machine
Form: bag type
Composition: Coder, PLC control system



The rotary vacuum packaging machine is a kind of automatic vacuum packaging machine, which adopts computer automatic control to realize unmanned vacuum packaging operation.
It replaces the manual packaging for the bag-type packaging machine, and realizes the packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. The operators only need to put a bag one by one, and put hundreds of bags in the bag-removing part of the device at one time. The equipment mechanical grabs the bag automatically, and the whole process of packaging does not require manual work, which saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces the cost.

Rotary vacuum packaging machine
Rotary vacuum packaging machine

Suitable for packaging 5-200g items.
1. Liquids: detergent, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, juice, beverage, ketchup, jam, chili sauce, bean paste.
2, block type: peanuts, jujube, potato chips, casserole, nuts, candy, chewing gum, pistachios, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, etc.
3, granules: seasonings, additives, crystal seeds, seeds, sugar, cotton sugar, chicken, grain, agricultural products.
4, powder: flour, spices, milk powder, glucose, chemical spices, pesticides, fertilizers.

Rotary vacuum packaging machine
Rotary vacuum packaging machine

The equipment is customized, and the specific parameters are designed and processed according to customer needs. The following parameters are common equipment parameters for reference.
Equipment model: rotary vacuum packaging machine
Equipment composition: eight-station bag packaging machine, automatic bag vacuum machine, automatic hoist
Equipment material: 340 stainless steel
Measurement method: automatic feeding
Operation interface: touch screen
Applicable products: all kinds of bulk products
Packaging material: composite film
Bag specifications: width: 100mm ~ 2000mm length: 120mm ~ 320mm
Filling range: 5 grams to 200 grams
Packing speed: 45 ~ 55 bags / min (speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight)
Machine weight: 1500KG
Dimensions: 2500mm*1900mm*1700mm (length, width, height)
Power: 7KW
Compressed air consumption: 0.6 cubic meters / min (air compressor by the customer)

vacuum packaging machine manufacturer
vacuum packaging machine manufacturer

1. Top control system:
Siemens SIEMENS programming controller; Siemens SIEMENS 10-inch color simulation touch screen; select Delta variable frequency drive system; Schneider Schneider and Omron OMRON appliances; Japan SMC electromagnetic pneumatic system and other top-level configuration.

2. Pneumatic Speed ​​Compensation System (QSC):
The system is a unique system of our company. The system solves the delay problem of the pneumatic system, so that the movement of the cylinder perfectly matches the mechanical action. According to the actual running speed, the compensation angle can be automatically adjusted in real time, so that the bag machine breaks through the pneumatic system. The speed limit is limited to a maximum stable production speed of 60 packs/min, which is truly time-saving and efficient.

3. Gear and cam drive:
The main drive of the machine adopts gear transmission and cam transmission, and all the working surfaces are heat treated, which greatly improves the life of the transmission system and the stability of the whole machine. The important cam adopts the grooved cam method to cancel the return spring, and there is no need to worry about the damage caused by the spring break.

4. Mechanical claw self-locking structure:
The original mechanical claw self-locking structure completely subverts the way that the spring provides the clamping force, completely eliminates the pocket spring, greatly reduces the power of the claw, reduces mechanical wear and improves the service life. The key issue is to be able to provide an extremely high clamping force. Have you ever seen a bag that can’t be smashed? We can do it.

5. Mechanical transmission flexible system.
All the mechanical hard points are all made of flexible cushioning, which makes the whole machine run very smoothly and effectively protect the service life of each component.

6. Split body:
The only split-type, fully-machined body in the country, the rocker arm and the support base inside the gantry are all made of stainless steel 304 material, which is truly a lifetime warranty.

7. Automatic detection function:
It can automatically detect whether there is a bag in the bag, automatically detect whether the bag is open and decide whether to measure the feeding, and automatically detect whether there is material in the bag and decide whether to seal.

8. Empty bag recycling system:
Unopened bags, put down bags, unfilled bags, etc. will not be sealed, they will be collected in the last station and can be reused.

9. Upper bag single cam system:
The original transmission system of the single cam of the bag on the bag, the original design of the backhaul intermittent design, effectively solves the structural simplification and stability problems of the upper bag.

10. The vacuum part has a unique full-track, three-plus-one mode:
The opening and closing cover rail, the opening and closing clamp rail, the sealing rail and the core gas mechanical seal spool completely eliminate all cylinders and various magnetic switches, photoelectric switches, solenoid valves, etc., greatly improving the stability and service life of the equipment.

11. Originally separate floating heating strip installation method, original heating strip intelligent temperature control system:
It can greatly improve the service life of the heating strip and maintain the sealing quality for a long time, maintain the stability of the sealing, and greatly reduce the defective rate.

12. Water washable:
In addition to the electric control box and the upper part of the bag, other surface parts can be washed with water, which saves a lot of time and difficulty in cleaning. The open shield system, including the electric control box, can be opened at will, which not only ensures waterproof performance, but also facilitates maintenance, maintenance and repair.

1. power on
2. Put the bag to the bag
The packaging machine automatically takes the bag, automatically packs it, and automatically removes the finished product to the assembly line after packaging.

Price range: 50000$-100000$
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