Box Type Air Conditioning Vacuum Sealer Mmachine

box type vacuum sealer

Box type air-conditioning vacuum sealer machine 

First, box-type air-conditioning vacuum sealer machine Description:

1. Function:

1) The machine is suitable for box packing of various foods, automatic mixing of fresh gas (usually CO2, N2, O2), continuous automatic feeding, gas replacement in the product box, sealed packaging, slitting, automatic packaging of finished products Wait for the steps.

2) The packaging film and packaging box of different materials, such as composite packaging film, ordinary packaging film and anti-fog packaging film, can be sealed and sealed.

3) The control unit uses a programmable controller and a touch screen to realize the man-machine interface dialogue. Each part of the motion and control parameters can be set and modified by the touch screen. The control is convenient and reliable, precise and flexible, and the failure rate is low; the whole process of packaging has a high degree of automation and high packaging yield.

4) The gas displacement (exhaust gas/air charge), temperature and time can be precisely controlled to ensure the accuracy of the fresh gas in the finished product box and achieve the desired sealing effect.

5) Mold shape can be customized according to customer’s selected box style.

2. Structure:

1) The main structure is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel, and the mold is manufactured using 6061-T4 material. Advanced design, reasonable structure, good sealing, waterproof and antiseptic, durable.

2) The whole machine (please refer to “Structure Diagram”) adopts the combined control of machine, electricity and gas. The human-machine interface dialogue is realized by the programmable controller and touch screen. Each part of the action and control parameters can be set and modified through the touch screen. With convenient operation and control, compact structure, stable operation, reliable performance and wide application range, it is the first choice for green food packaging.

3. Uses:

It can be widely used in the packaging of baked goods such as fresh foods, cooked meat products, and bakery products such as meat, poultry, fish and fruits and vegetables. After modified atmosphere packaging foods can better maintain the original food taste, color, shape and nutrition, while achieving a longer shelf life.



Second, box-type air-conditioning vacuum sealer machine technical parameters:

Modified atmosphere packaging machine technical parameters:

1) Power supply 220V/50HZ

2) Maximum power 4kw

3) Working pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

4) Mixed fresh gas storage tank pressure ≤ 0.5MPa

     5) Mixed fresh gas inflation pressure 0.18 ~ 0.45MPa

6) Fresh air gas consumption ≥ 4.8m3/h

7) Replacement rate ≥95.7%

8) Packaging speed Modified atmosphere packaging: 560~600 boxes/hour

 Ordinary packing: 840~900 boxes/hour

9) The weight of the machine 980kg

10) Overall dimensions 4900×900×1600mm (length×width×height)

2, gas ratio mixing device technical parameters

1) Mixing gas: any two or three of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Output pressure 0.5-0.6 Mpa.

2) Gas ratio mixing range: 0 – 100%.

3) Fresh-keeping gas source pressure: ≤ 0.5MPa.

Three, box-type air-conditioning vacuum sealer machine circuit diagram:

The machine’s electrical system consists of a programmable controller (PLC), a programmable human-machine interface, analog input/output modules, sensors, electric actuators, and related electrical components. In order to ensure the safety of the operator and the normal operation of the machine, the ground terminal of the machine must be reliably and well grounded.

















Fourth, box-type air-conditioning vacuum sealer machine operation instructions


Preparation before starting up

1. Check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements of the machine: 220V/50HZ. Check if the ground protection is normal.

2, working pressure range: 0.6 – 0.8MPa.

3. Whether there is foreign matter in the lower mold part and whether the heat sealing film is correctly installed.

4, mixed gas inflation pressure is generally adjusted to 0.18 – 0.40Mpa.

5, whether the sealing mold temperature reaches the sealing requirements, according to the packaging material, generally 130 oC-200 oC

6. Whether the connection of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas source is properly connected.

7. Set values of the pressure relief valve on the high pressure gas cylinders of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas sources: 0.5-0.6Mpa.

Graphical instructions

1, the machine starts operation steps

1). Complete the preparations. 2). Install the cover film according to the schematic diagram of the film delivery. 3). Start the machine power supply. 4). Select the packaging method: a. Ordinary packaging: Enter the time setting setting the general sampling time and the heat sealing time. b. Atmosphere packaging: Enter the gas ratio Set the gas ratio and confirm before entering the time setting → 5) Time setting 6) Film feeding 7) Setting the heat sealing temperature 8) Press the reset button (very important) Then press the start button 9) to enter the production (If there is an abnormality in the production, press the reset button; in any state, press the emergency stop button, the machine will stop immediately) 10) The package is completed

2, the use of function settings



2.2 Click “Main Menu” to enter the selection menu – (Figure 2)

1) Click (Figure 2) “Auto + Package / Atmosphere / Single Step + Package / Atmosphere”; display the current packaging mode; when displayed as “Auto + Package / Atmosphere”, press this time The reset button waits for the reset to end, and then presses the start button. The machine will continue to pack and seal the pack according to the setting data. (Package 2.5) When this is displayed as “Single step + Package/Changing”, this Press the reset button and wait for the reset to complete. Press the start button again, and the machine will perform a general seal packing/replacement gas sealing package (see section 2.5).

2) Click the “count clear” button to clear the package count.


( 2)

2.3 Click “Settings Menu” to enter the setting menu-(Figure 3), the parameter setting of this machine is entered from this panel; (Note: All the parameters that need to be manually input need to press ENT key to confirm after entering the pop-up keyboard. )


( 3)

2.4 Gas ratio setting: Click “Gas ratio setting” in the click (Figure 3) to enter – (Figure 4)

1) Select the ratio of gas mixture in the “Gas ratio input box” of the three gases (Figure 4); the sum of any gas ratio of any one, any two, any three must be equal to 100.

2) Click “A, B Gas Acquisition Input Box” in the “Select” (Figure 4) to set the gas storage pressure of the gas tank (usually set to 0.4 Mpa); after the pressure is set, click “Confirm Gas” button and the machine will press gas. The proportion of automatic gas distribution. (The fluctuation value in the panel is the actual collection status of the mixed gas for testing and understanding the pressure value)

3) If ordinary packaging is performed, please set and adjust the “popular time” according to the required appearance effect of the packaged product (Figure 5).


( 4)

4) If the modified atmosphere packaging should be based on the accuracy of the fresh gas in the finished product (Figure 5) set “extraction time” and “inflation time”; (This item can be provided by the company according to the packaging material, box volume and packaged materials Best setting data; you can also adjust settings yourself

5) Click “Setting Menu” to return (Figure 3).

2.5 Time Setting: Click “Time Setting” in the click (Figure 3) to enter – (Figure 5)

1) In the “Pumping time input box” in the figure (Figure 5), you can set the air time in the box during MAP.

2) In the “Inflation time input box” in the click (Figure 5), you can set the time for the fresh air to be filled in the box when the modified atmosphere is packaged.

3) Please select the “Extracting time input box” to set the air removal time for ordinary packaging according to the required appearance effect of the packaged finished product (Figure 5).

4) Click “Heat Seal Time Input Box” in the button (Figure 5) to set the sealing time.

5) Click “Settings Menu” to return (Figure 3)


( 5)

2.6 film delivery settings: click (Figure 3) in the “film supply settings” to enter – (Figure 6)

1) If the packaging film has a printed color pattern, just click on the “cursor signal” to control automatic film removal. The machine system defaults to no cursor signal.


( 6)

2) If there is no printing mark pattern on the packaging film, click “No Cursor Signal” and set the pull time after selection. Pulling film time can refer to: film feeding motor speed is about 136mm/S, pulling film time = required film length / film feeding speed

3) Click “Settings Menu” to return (Figure 3)

2.7 Temperature Setting: Click “Temperature Setting” in the click (Figure 3) to enter – (Figure 7)


( 7)

1) Select the “1#, 2#, and 3# input boxes” in the tap (Figure 7) to set the sealing temperature. (1#, 2#, and 3# indicate 3 pieces of heat-sealing dies) Then click “Start of heating”, if you want to stop clicking “Heat stop”

2) Click “Settings Menu” to return (Figure 3)

2.8 Commissioning operation: Click on “Debug Operation” in the click (Figure 3) – (Figure 8)

1) The commands in this menu must be run under “Auto Off” and “Single Off” in (Figure 2)

2) There are 11 action buttons in this screen. Touching a button will cause the machine to perform a corresponding action and stop the touch action immediately.


( 8)

2) Click “Settings Menu” to return (Figure 3)

2.9 I/O Detection: Click “I/O Detection” in the click (Figure 3) to enter – (Figure 9)

1) I/O detection is mainly used to display and monitor the status of system input and output



2) When the machine is in the normal state to be operated, the emergency stop in the I/O detection screen, the lower die lower position, the post-cartridge carry-in position of the clip box, and the lever positions 1-3 are lit (red).

3) During the operation of the machine, when the corresponding action of the machine starts, its corresponding light is on, and the action ends and the light is off; when the machine fails, the page can quickly find the fault point.

2.10 DOS Command: Click “DOS Command” to enter (Figure 2) – (Figure 10)

The DOS password is used by our staff to maintain the system and set system parameters. Non-professionals are not allowed to enter the operation.


( 10)




Fifth, equipment maintenance and maintenance

1 After the user purchases the machine, he must strictly follow the instructions for operation and use.

2 The equipment must be managed by someone who is responsible for it. To ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, perform periodic inspections according to the following points:

1. Observe the normal operation of the equipment and whether there is any abnormal noise.

2. Cylinder, gas cylinder, solenoid valve, and filter pressure reducing valve connector have no leakage phenomenon.

3, check the air flow is clear, regularly remove the filter pressure relief valve water.

4. Whether the fasteners, power terminals, and connecting terminals are loose and if the heating tube is loose.

5. Whether the cable is damaged or not, and the grounding is good.

6. Whether the motor is overheated or if the reducer bearing or brake is stuck or locked.

7. Keep the touch screen clean, shut down when cleaning, moisture, anti-fouling, anti-stamp.

8. Check if each electrical input switch is in good condition.

3 From the date of shipment of the machine, the electrical components are damaged within six months and our company is responsible for free replacement and maintenance;

4 Our company will provide maintenance in the following cases, but all expenses incurred during the maintenance period shall be borne by the maintenance party;

1) Force majeure and damage caused by man-made accidents;

2) Damage caused by non-manufacturing quality reasons, such as improper installation;

3) Damage caused by improper operation, maintenance, maintenance or unauthorized replacement of parts not in accordance with the instructions for use;

4) Change the damage caused by the system parameters without authorization;

VI: Common faults and troubleshooting methods

1, the equipment does not operate: may be caused by the following reasons and deal with accordingly

  1) Whether the emergency stop switch is reset and the working pressure is normal.

  2) Whether the fresh air pressure is normal.

  3) Insufficient original pressure of the fresh gas causes the gas distribution to stop, increasing the original pressure of the gas pressure.

  4) Check the cylinder magnetic switch signal. (The switch is installed on the die cylinder), “brighten” the corresponding magnetic switch.

  5) Determine if the settings for the main work screen are correct.

  6) Whether the power source is normal and the shut-off valve is dead.

  7) Power off once, after a few seconds, re-power on, reset and start.

  8) Whether the cylinder speed control valve is dead or not, and whether there is too much water in the oil trap.

 2. Poor sealing of one corner (point) of packing box: It may be caused by the following reasons and dealt with accordingly

  1) Whether the edge of the box seal is even and there are no bumps.

  2) The film has no oil stains or wrinkles.

  3) The lower mold sealing silicone is damaged or peeled off.

  4) Deformation of the heating module guide spring (replacement spring).

3, the entire box seal strength is not enough, may be caused by the following reasons and dealt with accordingly

   1) The heat seal temperature is not enough, adjust the set temperature in the temperature setting.

2) The heat seal film is loaded or the material is not correct

   3) Properly extend the time of heat sealing.

   4) Part of the heating tube is damaged (replace the heating tube).

5) Work pressure is not enough, adjusting work pressure

4, heating die “sticky box” may be caused by the following reasons and deal with accordingly

   1) The heated mold is dirty, and the cleaning cloth is cleaned with alcohol.

   2) The heat seal temperature is too high.

   3) The cutter teeth must be trimmed.



This is a custom-made device, the price is 60000-100000$, the specific price depends on customer needs, please contact