How to buy a thermoformed vacuum packaging machine

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

How to buy a thermoformed vacuum packaging machine ?

Thermoformed vacuum packaging machine is a vacuum packaging equipment suitable for mass production of small packaged foods. This food is a single body and has no weight requirements. Such as beef jerky, cheese, meatloaf, sandwiches, etc.

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

The bag making system automatically heats the stretch film roll, sucks it into the formed mold, and cools it into the lower part of the bag.
The vacuum sealing system then loads the product onto the portion of the membrane for vacuuming, upper and lower membrane heating seals
The auxiliary system performs coding and splits into individual products.

What are the characteristics of thermoforming vacuum packaging machines?
1. Wide applicability, can achieve multi-purpose machine; produce different products, just replace the mold. Guangyuan thermoforming vacuum packaging machine can store 6 sets of packaging software.
2. High efficiency, labor cost savings, and low overall packaging cost. The cost of the bag is only half that of the finished bag.
3. Meet food hygiene requirements. From bag making to packaging in one go, reducing material contamination.

How to choose a thermoforming vacuum packaging machine that suits you?

1. Determine the packaging specifications and output of the product;

when the company purchases the equipment and allows the manufacturer to design the solution, it needs to provide the packaged product to the manufacturer, so that the designer can better design the equipment and purchase it. device of

2, high cost performance is the basic principle of purchasing equipment.

At present, the quality of thermoforming vacuum packaging machine produced by China Guangyuan Packaging Machinery Factory is comparable to that of foreign equipment, and has been sold to many countries and regions such as Southeast Asia. The price is only about 1/3 of the price of foreign equipment.

3. The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine belongs to the mainframe.

It is recommended that the manufacturer and the technology work together to make a comprehensive plan, such as the position of the personnel, the position of the coding equipment, and the interface.

4, the manufacturer’s after-sales service system is also a factor that we need to consider when purchasing equipment.

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is not like a small vacuum packaging machine, it can be repaired if it fails. China Guangyuan Packaging Machinery Factory, a 20-year production enterprise, has rich experience in foreign installation training and has special service personnel in Southeast Asia.

vacuum packaging machine manufacturer
vacuum packaging machine manufacturer

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