Vacuum Oil Replacement

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Vacuum oil replacement

After the vacuum pump is running for 500 hours, the vacuum oil is replaced. The design structure of different manufacturers is different, which may be inconsistent with the picture, but the principle is the same.

After the vacuum pump lacks oil, the vacuum is poor, the noise is increased, the packaging is not strong, and the shelf life is short.

The vacuum pump is generally inside the vacuum packaging machine. The large packaging machine is an external vacuum pump. It is convenient to replace the vacuum oil. The small one needs to open the back cover of the vacuum packaging machine for inspection and refueling.

Observe the scale mouth, the oil is black and yellow, or the liquid level is lower than the middle line of the window, you need to replace the vacuum oil in time.

 1. First, take the oil pump to a high place, so that the oil can be used to prepare the screwdriver with the height difference.

vacuum oil-1.png

2. Locate the oil outlet below, take out the screwdriver and unscrew the oil outlet screw. Pay attention to the position of the beaker so as not to be cleaned on the ground;

vacuum oil-2.png

3. It can be observed that the oil is yellow, which is a normal loss phenomenon. If there is any foreign matter discharged, it is best to use vacuum oil to clean. Remember not to wash with water. The oil pump will be washed, and a small amount of vacuum oil can be put. Start the vacuum pump and then clean it out;

vacuum oil-3.png

4. Take out the new vacuum pump oil and use the oil nozzle of the right size to join through the fuel filler. The oil quantity is controlled by the glass scale. The oil quantity is best controlled at about 2/3. Excessive oil will appear. If the phenomenon of oil is too small, the degree of vacuum will be insufficient;

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5.After adding the oil, you can start the test pump. As long as the oil is good enough, the vacuum problem can be solved very well.

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