Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine


Continuous vacuum packaging machine

The continuous vacuum packaging machine is a kind of automatic vacuum packaging machine, which only needs to be placed manually, and no one needs to take it after packaging.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine
Continuous vacuum packaging machine


It is a chain driven belt drive, so it is also called chain vacuum packaging machine, belt vacuum packaging machine. The belt is rolling, and the Chinese is called a rolling vacuum packaging machine.
It is fully automatic and continuous operation, also known as continuous vacuum packaging machine.

Suitable for packaging of pickles, vegetables, frozen products, aquatic products, chicken products, meat products, etc.
Inapplicable products: Irregular hard objects such as frozen products, because of hard objects, easily damage the soft conveyor belt, resulting in no vacuum.

Types :
The continuous vacuum packaging machine is divided into single-sealed and double-sealed.
One package can be packed in one row at a time, and two rows can be packed in two rows at a time. The double-sealed type is twice the output of a single seal, but the double seal can only package small foods, and the large package cannot be packaged.

1. You only need one person to work and save labor.
2. The conveyor belt can be adjusted at a certain angle, and the packaged juice does not easily spill out of the bag under the inclined state, and is especially suitable for vacuum packaging of powdery, paste-like and liquid juiced articles.
3. It can be used with the assembly line, and the direct discharge is on the assembly line of the assembly line, and some are directly into the pasteurization tank.
4. The machine is pumped out quickly, with high automatic conveying efficiency, and the production efficiency is 3-5 times that of general packaging equipment.
5. Continuous vacuum packaging machine with sealing cooling system, can quickly cool after sealing, so that the sealing is smooth and beautiful.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine is a customized equipment, the specific parameters are designed according to the packaging products, the following parameters are for reference only.
Model Number: DZD-1000
Dimension (L*W*H): 1800*1400*1500mm
Dimension of vacuum chamber: 1125x550x110mm
Sealing dimension: 1000x8mm
Weight: 750kgs
Power: 5.5KW
Voltage: 380V/50HZ
Lead Time : 20-30days

1. power on
2. Place items
3. Put down the bead at the bag closure
The packaging machine runs automatically without manual removal of the finished product

This device is custom made and needs to be designed according to the product. Price 13000-20000$
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