Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is named after the vacuum packaging bag by the thermoforming process. It is formed into a vacuum packaging bag by a thermoforming process using a stretched film, and the articles to be packaged are placed on the lower film, and then fully vacuum-packed. The upper and lower membranes are heated and sealed. According to the bag making material used, it is also called stretch film vacuum packaging machine.

thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
thermoforming vacuum packaging machine


The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is a kind of automatic vacuum packaging machine. In addition to the vacuum packaging function, it also has a bag making system. The thermoforming stretching process is used to manufacture the co-extruded film into the upper and lower films of the vacuum packaging bag. After the vacuum, the seal is heated. This reduces the cost of the bag and the price is reduced by about half. For food companies with large output, there will be a lot of profit.

Suitable for all kinds of meat products, soy products, noodles, dairy products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, poultry, sausages, bread, cheese, eggs, kimchi, fish, Cat food, dog food and other pet food,etc., can be vacuum packed, can also be filled with nitrogen, or mixed The gas is packaged.

1. Accessories use world famous brands:
Using SIEMENS programming controller;
SIEMENS 10-inch color simulation touch screen;
Panasonic MDME152GCG servo variable frequency drive system;
French Schneider appliances;
Germany imported push-pull touch screen cantilever;
Panasonic servo high-speed high-precision positioning film design
United States BANNER photoelectric tracking, system control
Taiwan imported TYC wide open type 304 stainless steel film clip chain.
2. The device is equipped with a power-off memory function to ensure normal backup of parameters.
3. Mold: The upper and lower split type aluminum alloy molds can also be customized for you, and the loading and unloading is convenient and quick. strength
High corrosion resistance and meets food hygiene requirements.
4. Frame: Aluminum alloy frame with one extrusion. Aluminum alloy thick plate frame, not easy to deform, more secure use.
5. The distribution box and the whole machine protection are made of SUS304L stainless steel plate. Easy to clean,
6. Vacuum pump: Rietschle, Germany imported food grade vacuum pump, low noise, long life and good vacuum.
7. Forming heat sealing: the lifting structure of the forming die and the heat sealing die adopts a pneumatic lever type independent lifting and self-locking system.
The aluminum alloy cast-type integral heating plate makes the heating temperature more uniform and the life is longer.
8. Transverse cutter: The cross cutter is a single-tool movable and adjustable independent cross-cut system. PLC program control, can be touched
Set the cross cutter to open or close on the screen.
9. Upper and lower membranes: all adopt inductive automatic brake and tight membrane system, and are equipped with handle type lateral membrane adjustment device. And
Adjust the tension of the film at any time.
10. Waste edge recovery system: The adjustable torque torque motor system is used to adjust the torque of the waste side recovery motor at any time.
The waste edge collection is more convenient and simple, and has no noise, and is convenient and durable.

The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is a custom-made device. The specific parameters are designed according to the customer’s product. The following is an example of the 420 model for reference.
Model: DZDL-420
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Maximum power: 15kw / hour
Average power: 10kw-12kw / hour
Upper film width: 395mm
Lower film width: 422mm
Packing speed: 3-5 times per minute
Package effective size (mm): 390 x 484
Dimensions (mm): 5500-7500*1000*1800
Machine weight: 1500–1800Kg
Vacuum degree ≤50pa
Vacuum rate: 200 cubic meters / hour (55.6 liters / sec)
Compressed air pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa
Compressed air flow: ≥0.2 cubic meters / hour
Cooling water pressure: ≥0.1mpa
Sealing form: constant temperature instant

1. power on
2. Place items
The packaging machine is automatically vacuum packed, and the finished product is automatically unloaded to the assembly line after packaging.

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is also a custom-made equipment, the price is generally 25000-50000$, the specific price varies according to the product, please contact for consultation.


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Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine

Continuous vacuum packaging machine

Continuous vacuum packaging machine

The continuous vacuum packaging machine is a kind of automatic vacuum packaging machine, which only needs to be placed manually, and no one needs to take it after packaging.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine
Continuous vacuum packaging machine


It is a chain driven belt drive, so it is also called chain vacuum packaging machine, belt vacuum packaging machine. The belt is rolling, and the Chinese is called a rolling vacuum packaging machine.
It is fully automatic and continuous operation, also known as continuous vacuum packaging machine.

Suitable for packaging of pickles, vegetables, frozen products, aquatic products, chicken products, meat products, etc.
Inapplicable products: Irregular hard objects such as frozen products, because of hard objects, easily damage the soft conveyor belt, resulting in no vacuum.

Types :
The continuous vacuum packaging machine is divided into single-sealed and double-sealed.
One package can be packed in one row at a time, and two rows can be packed in two rows at a time. The double-sealed type is twice the output of a single seal, but the double seal can only package small foods, and the large package cannot be packaged.

1. You only need one person to work and save labor.
2. The conveyor belt can be adjusted at a certain angle, and the packaged juice does not easily spill out of the bag under the inclined state, and is especially suitable for vacuum packaging of powdery, paste-like and liquid juiced articles.
3. It can be used with the assembly line, and the direct discharge is on the assembly line of the assembly line, and some are directly into the pasteurization tank.
4. The machine is pumped out quickly, with high automatic conveying efficiency, and the production efficiency is 3-5 times that of general packaging equipment.
5. Continuous vacuum packaging machine with sealing cooling system, can quickly cool after sealing, so that the sealing is smooth and beautiful.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine is a customized equipment, the specific parameters are designed according to the packaging products, the following parameters are for reference only.
Model Number: DZD-1000
Dimension (L*W*H): 1800*1400*1500mm
Dimension of vacuum chamber: 1125x550x110mm
Sealing dimension: 1000x8mm
Weight: 750kgs
Power: 5.5KW
Voltage: 380V/50HZ
Lead Time : 20-30days

1. power on
2. Place items
3. Put down the bead at the bag closure
The packaging machine runs automatically without manual removal of the finished product

This device is custom made and needs to be designed according to the product. Price 13000-20000$
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Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

Rotary vacuum packaging machine

Rotary vacuum packaging machine

Chinese name : 旋转式真空包装机
Foreign name:Rotary vacuum packaging machine
Alias: 给袋式真空包装机
Foreign name: Give the bag vacuum packing machine
Product: Packaging machine
Form: bag type
Composition: Coder, PLC control system



The rotary vacuum packaging machine is a kind of automatic vacuum packaging machine, which adopts computer automatic control to realize unmanned vacuum packaging operation.
It replaces the manual packaging for the bag-type packaging machine, and realizes the packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. The operators only need to put a bag one by one, and put hundreds of bags in the bag-removing part of the device at one time. The equipment mechanical grabs the bag automatically, and the whole process of packaging does not require manual work, which saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces the cost.

Rotary vacuum packaging machine
Rotary vacuum packaging machine

Suitable for packaging 5-200g items.
1. Liquids: detergent, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, juice, beverage, ketchup, jam, chili sauce, bean paste.
2, block type: peanuts, jujube, potato chips, casserole, nuts, candy, chewing gum, pistachios, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, etc.
3, granules: seasonings, additives, crystal seeds, seeds, sugar, cotton sugar, chicken, grain, agricultural products.
4, powder: flour, spices, milk powder, glucose, chemical spices, pesticides, fertilizers.

Rotary vacuum packaging machine
Rotary vacuum packaging machine

The equipment is customized, and the specific parameters are designed and processed according to customer needs. The following parameters are common equipment parameters for reference.
Equipment model: rotary vacuum packaging machine
Equipment composition: eight-station bag packaging machine, automatic bag vacuum machine, automatic hoist
Equipment material: 340 stainless steel
Measurement method: automatic feeding
Operation interface: touch screen
Applicable products: all kinds of bulk products
Packaging material: composite film
Bag specifications: width: 100mm ~ 2000mm length: 120mm ~ 320mm
Filling range: 5 grams to 200 grams
Packing speed: 45 ~ 55 bags / min (speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight)
Machine weight: 1500KG
Dimensions: 2500mm*1900mm*1700mm (length, width, height)
Power: 7KW
Compressed air consumption: 0.6 cubic meters / min (air compressor by the customer)

vacuum packaging machine manufacturer
vacuum packaging machine manufacturer

1. Top control system:
Siemens SIEMENS programming controller; Siemens SIEMENS 10-inch color simulation touch screen; select Delta variable frequency drive system; Schneider Schneider and Omron OMRON appliances; Japan SMC electromagnetic pneumatic system and other top-level configuration.

2. Pneumatic Speed ​​Compensation System (QSC):
The system is a unique system of our company. The system solves the delay problem of the pneumatic system, so that the movement of the cylinder perfectly matches the mechanical action. According to the actual running speed, the compensation angle can be automatically adjusted in real time, so that the bag machine breaks through the pneumatic system. The speed limit is limited to a maximum stable production speed of 60 packs/min, which is truly time-saving and efficient.

3. Gear and cam drive:
The main drive of the machine adopts gear transmission and cam transmission, and all the working surfaces are heat treated, which greatly improves the life of the transmission system and the stability of the whole machine. The important cam adopts the grooved cam method to cancel the return spring, and there is no need to worry about the damage caused by the spring break.

4. Mechanical claw self-locking structure:
The original mechanical claw self-locking structure completely subverts the way that the spring provides the clamping force, completely eliminates the pocket spring, greatly reduces the power of the claw, reduces mechanical wear and improves the service life. The key issue is to be able to provide an extremely high clamping force. Have you ever seen a bag that can’t be smashed? We can do it.

5. Mechanical transmission flexible system.
All the mechanical hard points are all made of flexible cushioning, which makes the whole machine run very smoothly and effectively protect the service life of each component.

6. Split body:
The only split-type, fully-machined body in the country, the rocker arm and the support base inside the gantry are all made of stainless steel 304 material, which is truly a lifetime warranty.

7. Automatic detection function:
It can automatically detect whether there is a bag in the bag, automatically detect whether the bag is open and decide whether to measure the feeding, and automatically detect whether there is material in the bag and decide whether to seal.

8. Empty bag recycling system:
Unopened bags, put down bags, unfilled bags, etc. will not be sealed, they will be collected in the last station and can be reused.

9. Upper bag single cam system:
The original transmission system of the single cam of the bag on the bag, the original design of the backhaul intermittent design, effectively solves the structural simplification and stability problems of the upper bag.

10. The vacuum part has a unique full-track, three-plus-one mode:
The opening and closing cover rail, the opening and closing clamp rail, the sealing rail and the core gas mechanical seal spool completely eliminate all cylinders and various magnetic switches, photoelectric switches, solenoid valves, etc., greatly improving the stability and service life of the equipment.

11. Originally separate floating heating strip installation method, original heating strip intelligent temperature control system:
It can greatly improve the service life of the heating strip and maintain the sealing quality for a long time, maintain the stability of the sealing, and greatly reduce the defective rate.

12. Water washable:
In addition to the electric control box and the upper part of the bag, other surface parts can be washed with water, which saves a lot of time and difficulty in cleaning. The open shield system, including the electric control box, can be opened at will, which not only ensures waterproof performance, but also facilitates maintenance, maintenance and repair.

1. power on
2. Put the bag to the bag
The packaging machine automatically takes the bag, automatically packs it, and automatically removes the finished product to the assembly line after packaging.

Price range: 50000$-100000$
Please contact us:

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Rotary vacuum packaging machine PDF

Questions and answers on 100 faults of vacuum Packaging Machine

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine-4

Questions and answers on 100 faults of vacuum Packaging Machine

This paper includes 100 common faults of single room vacuum packaging machine, double chamber vacuum packaging machine, continuous vacuum packaging machine and thermoforming vacuum packaging machine . For further questions, please contact us at +86 18853694851 / 43485222@

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
Double chamber vacuum packaging machine
Double chamber vacuum packaging machine
Continuous vacuum packaging machine
Continuous vacuum packaging machine
thermoforming vacuum packaging machine
thermoforming vacuum packaging machine

Questions and answers on 100 faults of vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum packaging machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, the general service life of about 5 years. In actual use, there will be a variety of malfunctions. The first thing to do with a fault is to distinguish between accidental and frequent faults. Accidental failure and personnel operation, packaging bags, packaging temperature changes in size. Recurrent failure is related to equipment, need to find the cause, modify the parameter settings. Troubleshooting should first consult the manufacturer or consult information, do not blindly remove the machine. Vacuum packaging machine may seem simple, but is not a professional, often easy to disassemble difficult to install phenomenon, and few mechanical failures, most of the parts such as heating wire, heating strips, air bags, vacuum Pump, control switch, etc.

In order to facilitate self-inspection, this site arranges 100 trouble-handling questions for your reference. Different manufacturers have different appearance of production equipment, but the principle is the same. When dealing with the problem to understand the question-answer ideas and methods, do not blindly copy.
1. Vacuum packaging machine packaging of rice products 2 to 3 days after air intake phenomenon, what is the reason for the solution?

1. The temperature is too low;
2. Poor packing quality;
3. The lacquer cloth on the heating wire was wrinkled and not even.

2. Vacuum packaging machine vacuum pumping

The main reasons are:
The spare time is too short.
Vacuum pump aging or maintenance is not in place.
Vacuum work is not well sealed, pumping
Air leakage occurs in vacuum.
Vacuum pump power is too small and the actual pumping speed ratio does not match, can not fully pump vacuum.

Lengthen the vacuum time.
Replace vacuum pump,
Pay attention to timely maintenance and replacement of vacuum pump oil. If you have not done any maintenance for a long time, please clean up the vacuum pump oil before replacing it. (the first maintenance is 300 hours of continuous work, after which 500 hours of continuous maintenance) check the vacuum studio whether there is air leakage phenomenon, such as leakage phenomenon in time to replace the seal. The vacuum pump is too small to achieve the desired vacuum effect,
Only vacuum pumps can be replaced. It generally ranges from 20-202 pumps.

3.Vacuum packaging machine appears sudden stop not to pack

First check the power supply, then ~ relay is loose, whether the cover contact switch shift or failure!

4. What’s with the smoke coming from the vacuum pump of the empty packaging machine?

Vacuum pump oil dry, friction caused smoke!
During the testing of the machine, the suction port was directly connected to the atmosphere for more than three minutes, leading to the inhalation of water in the atmosphere into the pump body and contaminating the vacuum oil in the rotary vane vacuum pump. The vacuum pump smokes after the vacuum oil has been contaminated.
The suction container contains moisture.
Replacement of new vacuum pump oil

5.Vacuum packaging machine can not be sealed

The reasons are as follows:
1. The control panel heat seal switch is not selected, or the heating power is not turned on.
2. Packaging machine heating component damage, or heating element power connection disconnected.
3. The panel is set to a problem and the heating time is set to 0.
4. The control component is out of order and the heating time relay is damaged.
5. Battery valve failure: sealing solenoid valve is not active, airbag is not bulging (or airbag damage).

6.Vacuum packaging machine can not be sealed

The reasons are as follows:
1. The control panel heat seal switch is not selected, or the heating power is not turned on.
2. Packaging machine heating component damage, or heating element power connection disconnected.
3. The panel is set to a problem and the heating time is set to 0.
4. The control component is out of order and the heating time relay is damaged.
5. Battery valve failure: sealing solenoid valve is not active, airbag is not bulging (or airbag damage).

7. How to deal with vacuum packing Machine
um packaging machi
The vacune does not let out air, generally because the exhaust valve has not been opened, the air valve cannot be opened by several possibilities.
One is the valve, the other is the solenoid valve that controls the valve, and the third is the circuit.

8. Vacuum packaging machine, no air. What’s going on?

Vacuum packaging machine does not exhaust what is the matter, first check that the vacuum pump and motor operation is normal, and then see if the valve is closed.

9. How to solve the problem of vacuum packing Machine without pumping

First of all, make sure that the vacuum time is adjusted to 0, to zero will not be vacuum, direct sealing of the! Vacuum time is not a problem, on the vacuum packaging machine to check whether the vacuum pump is not working properly

10. What is the reason why the vacuum packaging machine is loud

Should be the cause of the vacuum pump, see if the oil is dry! No lubrication, friction leads to loud noise!

11. Why can’t vacuum Packaging Machine be closed

1.The voltage is less than
2.The heating of the wire took a long time of
3.When sealing, the contact surface clearance is too large.
4.The heating transformer is broken.
5. Because things are hot when the release of gas sealing machine to draw out the carbon dioxide inside, the hot food should be cooled before stopping to produce gas, so when sealing can not be sealed!

12. Vacuum packaging machine, after the vacuum, the lid can not automatically spring open, what is the reason?

Suddenly the lid won’t come out or the lid won’t suck. If it doesn’t come out, it may have something to do with the pole. You can see if there’s a 5 cm stick sticking out behind the machine, or if the back cover is open or if there’s something hanging on the pole. This is a mechanical problem. 2. If the lid cannot be sucked, the vacuum seal is broken, and the air goes in when it comes down. Second, whether the solenoid valve is normal, if the bad point does not start the vacuum pump without suction.

13. Vacuum packaging machine not clean?

Vacuum packaging is not effective, you may generally consider looking for the following:
1. The main causes of vacuum pump failure are deterioration of vacuum pump oil and aging of equipment.
2, the vacuum packing machine seal is bad, may be pipe rupture, vacuum chamber seal is not tight, or joint leakage.
3, the vacuum packing bag problem or the heat seal effect is not good.
Oil has just been changed, no leakage, filter is also cleaned. Sometimes one side of the smoking is relatively clean, the other side of the smoking is not good! I observed some oil in the suction pipe. The problem has been solved. It’s a time relay. What has a power cord?
Broken, cause sealing solenoid valve does not work.

14. The vacuum bag leaked the next day after it was pumped out

1. The vacuum heat seal effect is not good (collectively referred to as bad seal, may be user adjustment problem, or equipment quality problem).
2. Vacuum bag quality problems (or punctured by sharp objects).
3.The air in the bag is not clean, ie is related to the suction capacity of this vacuum pump.
4. Bagging caused by product deterioration (vacuum packaging may not be sterilized).

15. Vacuum packaging machine can’t vacuum the air in the bag

1, if the vacuum pump exists oil shortage or oil pollution, oil quality problems;
2. there is air leakage in the vacuum main pipe and air bag pipe of the machine;
3. Vacuum time is too short:
4. The lid is not well sealed in the vacuum chamber.
5. The distance between the heating exhaust of the vacuum chamber and the two planes of the silica gel strip (the gap between the upper and lower heating rows is too small), which results in the bag mouth being clamped or partially squeezed during vacuum pumping, thereby enabling the air in the bag to be degassed.

Exclusion methods:

Check the pump oil and handle it correctly
when the machine is pumped to the highest vacuum pressure, the total power supply is turned off, the leakage is detected by the methods of ear hearing and hand touch, and the processing is carried out in time;
Adjust the vacuum delay device to prolong the vacuum time;

Replace the sealing strip on the side of the chamber;
Properly adjust the pressure plate spring at both ends of the airbag assembly or check that the airbag (hot seal) solenoid valve is working properly

16. Vacuum packaging machine’s not breathing in. What’s going on?

The most common reason is that the vacuum pump is broken, the vacuum tube is leaking, or the lid of the vacuum chamber is not sealed well. There are several reasons why the vacuum pump doesn’t breathe in.
1: check that the transformer in the vacuum machine is working properly.
2: the machine that uses the time relay, see if the relay burns out.
3: the use of circuit board machines, such as transformers, that is, circuit board problems need to replace the circuit board.

17. Vacuum packaging machine heat seal, seal is not sealed what is the matter

Vacuum packaging machine heat seal, seal is not sealed on what is the matter, a bit of static electricity, heat seal can not seal the bag why?
This situation may be the problem of heating wire, when replacing heating wire, one of them is broken, and both of them should be replaced. Otherwise, one of the old one is new, the resistance is different. It is suggested that the two heating wires be replaced and then replaced.
Try it. If there is leakage and the bag does not seal, it is most likely that the heating strip has a problem, or the two wires connected to the heating strip have shedding or other problems, you must unplug the electricity at the same time you check
Source, check, if there is no professional, it is best to find a supplier to handle, if there are any questions about the vacuum packaging machine, can call us, we will do our best to answer for you.
If the temperature is high and the temperature is low, you first test it like this, reduce the heating time, and then see what happens there where the temperature is high. If the temperature is still high, then there may be a problem with the heating line, and you need to check it out.

18. Vacuum packaging machine maintenance vacuum pumping or not pumping vacuum

There are three reasons why vacuum packaging machines can not pump or do not pump vacuum in working conditions for the following three reasons:
1. Air leakage in the package
2, vacuum, hot air sealing studio without vacuum
3, gasket or ring leakage

19. Vacuum packaging machine vacuum boring

See if there is air leakage in the trachea, whether the vacuum pump should be changed, and whether the filter should be changed if it is blocked.

20. Vacuum packing machine vacuum watch does not run what reason

1. The vacuum pump is broken. You can’t pump a vacuum.
2. The seal is not tight, the leakage is too severe, the vacuum pump pumping speed can not supply the leakage speed
3. The vacuum watch is broken.

21. Vacuum packaging machine. What about burning transformers?

Vacuum packaging machine should be used to ensure a stable supply of power supply. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the life of internal electrical parts of vacuum packaging machine. In addition, if the quality of the transformer itself is poor, may cause frequent damage.

The power of the transformer is too low or the load is too heavy. The fuse is burned because the current is too large and the voltage is fixed.

22. Vacuum packaging machine packaging rice products 2 to 3 days after the phenomenon of air intake, what is the reason, and seek solutions

1. The sealing temperature is too low;
2. Poor quality of packing bags;
3. The lacquer cloth on the heating wire was wrinkled and not even.
The air was large and the bag was punctured by rice.

23. Vacuum packaging machine turn on what’s going on?

1. Excessive noise generated when the machine works should be checked for wear and tear in the vacuum pump coupling.
2. It may be that the solenoid valve of the vacuum packaging machine is not tightly sucked, resulting in air leakage and noise. Replaceable solenoid valve solution.
3. Ac contactors are not sucked and can make noise.
4. Check that the exhaust filter is blocked or installed incorrectly, clean or replace the exhaust filter and install correctly.
5. See if the vacuum oil needs to be replaced after all the above checks, if the noise can not be ruled out. It is likely that the vacuum packaging machine for too long, vacuum pump wear. Should examine and repair vacuum pump in time if there is any serious injury, and consider replacing the vacuum pump as appropriate.

24. Vacuum packaging machine. What’s with the wrinkle of Teflon?

Mainly because the heating current in the package is too large or the heating time is too long.

25. How to find the position where the air leakage of the vacuum packing machine can be found?

With detergent, soapy water

26. Reasons for vacuum packing Machine without plastic sealing

1, the bag material problem, generally the bag is pe, nylon material a bit better
2. Heating temperature is too low, check voltage drop with multimeter
3, the heating time is too short, if the bag is thicker, it will increase the heating time
4. The cooldown needs to be adjusted a little longer

27. What is the reason why the vacuum packaging machine is not tight

1, vacuum packaging machine vacuum is not thorough, resulting in air residue in the bag, can not form an effective negative pressure, do not look tight.
2, the vacuum packaging machine sealing process problems, resulting in air leakage at that time or later, resulting in small vacuum, bag is not tight.

28. Vacuum packaging machine, the vacuum pump check valve transparent pipe oil return phenomenon. Can’t reach the limit vacuum,

The needle trembled very badly, the pointer trembled very badly, opened and changed the check valve. It’s no use cleaning it.
Vacuum pump head to replace the rotor, the original is the wear out of epoxy plate, aluminum rotary sheet, long life, return oil check valve on the seal to see whether there is any dirt stuck on it!

29. Vacuum packaging machine can not stop, every time with a sudden stop, stop,

Vacuum packaging machine can not stop, may be the switch control button broken, need to replace the switch

30. How the vacuum packaging machine is cooled

This cooling refers to the cooling of the seal heating strip-stop heating, but keep the heat seal under pressure on the bag mouth. The purpose of cooling is to get a beautiful seal.

31. Vacuum packaging machine how to see the water can not be compressed

This is to look at the opening of the bag and dry the water in the opening.

32. Vacuum packing machine barometric pressure is not to go is what reason air pressure to reach O:o7 did not go to cut seal when barometer shows pressure to drop slowly what reason is excuse me

1. Vacuum pump does not replace vacuum oil
2. Gas leakage in the joints of the machine pipe
3. Is the airbag leaking

33. How long can vegetables be preserved by vacuum packaging machine, and there is no good packing method.

After the vacuum packaging machine was finished, the vegetables were stored for up to one week at room temperature, usually for 3 ~ 7 days, sometimes it was better than no vacuum packaging to keep fresh by spraying water. If vegetables have been sterilized once before vacuum packaging (high temperature sterilization, sterilizing agent, etc.), then they can be stored for 1 to 3 months, which should be determined according to different vegetables. Due to the relevant national regulations, the pesticide residues in vegetables and so on. We usually recommend that non-processed vegetables be kept fresh at low temperature. For vegetables used within a week, clean up directly and keep them fresh (but pay attention to the selection before vacuum). If processed vegetables are usually used The method of instant sterilizing by high temperature, sterilization before packing, second sterilization after vacuum packing, this method can be preserved for half a year. Different vegetables use different methods.

24. Vacuum packaging machine does not seal:

1. The voltage is too low and the fuse is broken. Or the air switch jumps away;
2, pump stuck: or because pump motor startup difficulty (temperature is too low, pump too full)
3. when the power indicator light is on, the stroke switch is mislocated or the emergency stop switch is in the state of emergency stop;
4, vacuum time Delayer, time delay is not enough

25. Can 10W-40 ‘s vacuum packing machine for automobile oil be used?

Gasoline oil can replace vacuum pump oil, but pay attention to changing, not as durable as vacuum pump oil!
Vacuum packaging machine with special vacuum oil

26. Vacuum packaging machine a little thick bubble film can not be wrapped

If the vacuum packaging machine model is suitable, if the bubble film can not be wrapped, may be due to bad adhesive bubble film, resulting in sealing failure. Raise the temperature, prolong the heating time, and see the effect.

27. What is the reason why the pressure of vacuum packaging machine is not enough?

1. Vacuum packaging machine is not good vacuum, first we have to check the electric heating rod to see if the heating rod has been raised.
2. Second, we have to check the plate adjusting spring to remove or the plate adjustment screw to fall off, at this time we need to replace the spring and fasten the screw.
3. Third, vacuum packaging machine airbag support plate at both ends are not parallel, this time we need to repair adjustment.
4. Fourth, solenoid valve Y 3 malfunction airbag does not draw air, this time we should replace solenoid valve airbag.
5. Fifth, air bag leakage, will lead to vacuum packaging machine vacuum, directly replace the air bag to solve the problem.
6. The packing is leaking, we can just scrap it at this time.

28. Vacuum degree of food vacuum packaging machine is not very good, how to solve?

If the vacuum time is set at around 30 seconds, the vacuum will still not reach -0.1 atmospheres. It could be a leak in the vacuum chamber, a leak in the trachea, or a vacuum pump with less vacuum oil.

29, what is the function of the air bag of the rolling vacuum packing machine?

The effect is that when the air bag is heated, the air bag will flush, and then it will put the heating part on top of the silica gel on the lid, so that if you don’t inflate, you will not be able to seal the air. When you take a vacuum, There is a certain gap between the heating part and the silica gel on it. If there is no gap, the air in the pocket will not be able to be pumped if there is no gap in the pocket. So they will have a certain gap, when you pump out the vacuum. At this time, it was heated, because there was a gap that could not be heated very well, so the air bag popped up and raised the heating part, so that the heated part was dead and dead under the pressure of the silica gel and the mouth on it. Bag, this time can be sealed, after sealing the mouth and then the airbag automatic exhaust to complete the work. Why to inflate, let you vacuum complete, the control part will give solenoid valve a signal, this signal is inflatable signal, after inflating will heat seal, when time is finished, he will give an exhalation signal. In general, the airbag can’t be sealed without inflating.

30. Vacuum packaging machine vacuum does not vent what is going on?

Whether the operation by air leakage check, with the emergency stop button try, not on the check under the discharge solenoid valve, see if there is no jam attention to check the valve on and off problems

31. How much is the vacuum chamber negative pressure of the vacuum packaging machine?

In the case of general goods, the needle of the vacuum meter can reach zero. If food, it is better to draw-2 better (residual oxygen is very thin, more conducive to preservation).

32. Vacuum packaging machine on one side seal the other side can not seal, heating wire has not broken, for the new or not much

Hot, what’s going on?
Troubleshooting and solution: if you replace the heating strip and prove that the heating strip is free, you vacuum package a process and immediately shut down your hand to touch the heating strip, if there is a heat proof that the line is not problematic.
The heating wire has been ironed, the heating wire is not in contact with stainless steel or the press bar has touched the wire of the gong; the power sac may leak, and the other is whether the connection line is leaking or not.

33. Vacuum packing machine without sealing

The inside pump vacuum packaging machine first determines whether can draw a vacuum, generally all uses the negative pressure seal, does not have the vacuum degree to seal the mouth; if has the vacuum degree, does not seal the mouth, first sees the vacuum action to have (the heating step to, the heating is connected)
No heating action, control line problem; heating action, external heating strip or transformer problem.

34. Vacuum packaging machine, when the lid is pressed, it pops up. What’s going on?

The vacuum packaging machine itself has the function of automatic ejection (spring pulling force, is a user-friendly design for easy operation), but generally press the vacuum pump will automatically open, as a result of the role of vacuum will make the lid firmly adsorbed.

On the worktable surface, the vacuum packing will be filled in time to make the vacuum chamber (lid) to achieve a uniform balance of air pressure.

Based on your description, you can roughly analyze the following points:
1. Vacuum pump performance attenuation (insufficient suction)
2. The vacuum chamber seal is not tight (deformation, air leakage);
3. The solenoid valve does not work (damage).

35. Vacuum packaging machine why vacuum bag always has fold?

This should be caused by the overheating of the mold, please make sure the temperature is not very high, and another reason is how long the bag material is not good.

36. What is the reason why the vacuum packaging machine draws water from the product with water?

It’s probably because there’s too much water, and the suction of the vacuum pump is huge, so it’s easy to pull out.
1. Liquid put more, when the vacuum pumping speed large liquid because of inertia to spill out;
2. The angle of placement.
1. The amount of liquid injection can be reduced appropriately;
2. Adopt concave structure or tilting vacuum packing machine.

37. Vacuum packaging machine. What’s with the foam in the oil?

A: the vacuum pump oil has entered the water and other impurities, so it is necessary to replace the vacuum pump oil.

38. Vacuum packaging machine heating strip does not heat what reason, the line inspection is good

Estimate is the fault of the heating strip, because the heating strip is a fragile piece, the failure should be eliminated first. Main control component damage or heating component damage

39. Vacuum packaging machine, after packaging bags have bubbles, what is the reason?

If the vacuum pump of the packaging machine works properly, the package will contain water and overheat will also produce bubbles.

40. What should be done about leakage after sealing of vacuum packing Machine

First, the heating of the two seals are flat, there is no gap, if there is a parallel adjustment of the two planes
The other is that the heating temperature is not reached, and the heating temperature is increased.
Third, the thermocouple is not the correct temperature detection, check whether loose, if any, step up.

41. Vacuum packaging machine only seal, not vacuum

1, long vacuum packaging, vacuum pump oil shortage or poor oil quality, resulting in poor vacuum pumping, solutions to replace vacuum pump oil, and not long, endless operation
2. Pipe leakage is very common, even if there is no leakage in the pipeline, it is recommended that it be replaced after one year of use
3. Do not solve problems with solenoid valves, ask technicians to help you with them
4, the fretting switch is not in place, there is a fretting switch between the cover and the lower chamber, check and adjust the position
5, the exhaust valve can not be closed, resulting in gas leakage, check whether there is wear out valve, whether there is any debris jammed
6, the controller is broken, but the controller is a little expensive, if during the warranty period, it is recommended that the factory repair
7, the vacuum pump has a problem, let the technical personnel check, generally this difficulty is big, can’t solve by oneself
8. Is the airbag broken or not, and once it is broken, it must be replaced by a new one
9. the distance between the heating exhaust of vacuum chamber and the two planes of silica gel strip (the gap between upper and lower heating row is too small), which results in the bag mouth being clamped or partially squeezed during vacuum pumping, thus making the air in the bag degassing; The vacuum packaging machine should pay attention to cleaning up the dirty foreign body, do not let it affect the normal use of vacuum machine.

42. How to change heating Wire in vacuum Packaging Machine

This depends on how the heating strip is installed, if the two ends of the copper block is relatively simple to fix the appropriate heating strip with screws. If it’s the kind of heating strip that’s tightened with a slice screw, you have to take the screw off and plug the appropriate heating strip in, and then rotate the screw to tighten the heating strip.

43. The vacuum packaging machine indicator lamp is normal, is not the heat seal is what is the matter

If the indicator lights indicate that the power supply is switched on, if the heat sealing time and heat seal heating gear selection is not wrong, it is recommended to check that the heating strip is burned off. If so, just replace the new one.

44. How to do without sealing the end cover of vacuum Packaging Machine

There are two reasons, one is the cover variant, the other is that the seal is broken

45. Vacuum packaging machine heating wire total burning, what is the reason? It’s broken on both sides, and it smells a lot short of time.

1. May be the vacuum packaging machine heating tape material problem. Nickel-chromium or iron-chromium is now widely used. Nickel-chromium is of good quality but much more expensive than iron-chromium. The other is stainless steel with heaters, which is the worst quality.
It’s easy to burn down.
2.Copper cylinder is overoxidized. Now most domestic vacuum packaging machines use copper cylinder, which can be used at first, but it will be oxidized to black after a period of time, so the heating belt is easy to burn out.
3. Another reason for the heating band burning may be that the transformer power is too small, and the transformer power is too small may be the quality problem caused by cutting materials.
4. If the vacuum time is too short, too much indoor air will lead to premature oxidation of the heating zone. Usually the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine heating tape damage frequency is lower.
5. The last reason is programming. The correct heating procedure is that the heating tape is pressed to the sealing line before the heating work begins, but many manufacturers blindly pursue the work efficiency and often do the heating before pressing the opening, which results in the dry burning damage of the heating tape.
6. The advantages of Ni-Cr alloy heating wire are that it has high strength in high temperature environment, it is not easy to deform at high temperature for a long time, and it is difficult to change the structure. Moreover, the normal temperature plasticity of Ni-Cr alloy electric heating wire is good, and the repair after deformation is relatively simple. In addition, nickel-chromium alloy heating wire has high radiance, non-magnetic, good corrosion resistance and long service life.
7. The heating strip should be changed together with the same batch of heating strip, otherwise the current on both sides will be different, it is easier to burn the heating strip.

46. What if vacuum packaging machine gets wet?

Vacuum packaging machine moisture should be immediately cut off the power supply, dehumidification treatment.
1. Unplug the power switch immediately and cut the circuit
2. Open the shell of the vacuum packaging machine and wipe off the moisture on it
3, in the sun or the use of hair dryer to remove moisture.

47. What is the reason why the exhaust pipe behind the vacuum packaging machine will fall

If the vacuum machine long-old pipe will be hard, conditional replacement, or hot water in the insert. New machine. This one can use 704 glue.

48. Vacuum packaging machine heating strip why the temperature is high and low

This is not a situation that can be solved simply by looking at the temperature.
Vacuum packaging machine is mostly short-circuit heating, the heating strip temperature of heating process is affected by resistance value, the material of imported heating strip is better and the resistance value is uniform, but for the domestic machines, most of the cases are the packaging of vacuum packaging machine is completed.
After, appear sealing side good, side bad circumstance, this kind of problem is not the reason that heating temperature is not uniform commonly, have to consider the following a few points commonly
1. The vacuum degree is not good, the sealing depends on the negative pressure.
2. The pressurized valve does not operate, and the seal strip is not pressured to the end
3. The silica gel strip is damaged, and there is a gap between the seal strip and the seal strip. The force is not uniform.

49. The vacuum packaging machine only pumps the vacuum and doesn’t seal it. How can it be repaired if it breaks down there?

Vacuum packaging machine is not sealed, should be the heating pipe side of the problem, heating pipe heating wire broken, heating pipe without heating temperature, resulting in no sealing temperature.

50. How to disassemble the Motor of vacuum Packaging Machine

The motor of the vacuum packaging machine is generally the same as the vacuum pump head, and some are not separated. The vacuum pump is not recommended for personal maintenance.
It is best to find a manufacturer, because it is easy to seal the oil leakage.

51. How to disassemble the Motor of vacuum Packaging Machine

The motor of the vacuum packaging machine is generally the same as the vacuum pump head, and some are not separated. If it is necessary for the domestic 20 small pumps to be repaired, the 200 items are not expensive. If the imported vacuum pump is imported, it is not recommended for personal maintenance.
It is best to find a manufacturer, because it is easy to seal the oil leakage.

52. How to solve the poor sealing quality of vacuum packing machine

1. The sealing time and cooling time of vacuum packaging machine are adjusted accordingly.
2, check the vacuum packaging machine insulation cloth and seal is in good condition. If not, we’ll have to get a professional repairman to test it.

53. What was the reason for the vacuum pump oil being pumped into the seal?

The return valve under the pump nozzles is badly sealed

54. Vacuum packaging machine on the machine heating wire heating, is controlled by the circuit board

The heating switch is long through. If the computer board is supposed to be the circuit board’s control relay, the heating relay is broken, and there should be no problem with the other one.

55. Vacuum packaging machines always stick to bags

Could it be your bag? Because the vacuum packaging machine bag is the kind of composite membrane. If you have a monolayer film, it will be possible to stick to the bag. The temperature is high.

56. Vacuum packaging machine upper cover is not in place

Vacuum packaging machine may be too small vacuum, or sealing problems.

57. Vacuum packaging machine without cooling delay

Time relay is broken. Get a new one!

58. Double chamber vacuum packing machine: the heat is not normal (the temperature is not high enough in the first stage, the temperature in the second stage and the third stage is OK, after a period of time, it will have the problem of not being able to heat up)

If the heat strip is replaced by a new one, the thermal selection switch is good (measured by a multimeter), and the thermal transformer is also good. The heat transfer temperature is not high enough, and the temperature of the second grade and the third file can be good. After a period of time, there will be problems with the heat transfer. After a while, the machine is normal again)

Check AC contactors. Is from the time and electrical control of the AC contactor, control the transformer to see if the contact is normal, each terminal is loose. Whether there is bad contact with the Jehol connection.

59, vacuum packaging machine pump oil pollution, too little or too thin

Clean the vacuum pump and replace the new vacuum pump oil; the extraction time is too short to prolong the pumping time;

60: exhaust filter clogging

Clean or replace exhaust filters

61. There is a leak,

Close the power and check the solenoid valve, pipe connector, vacuum pump suction valve and gasket around the studio.

62, noisy

Vacuum pump coupling wear or rupture replacement;

Exhaust filter clogged or installed incorrectly, clean or replace exhaust filter and install correctly; check solenoid valve for leakage and remove air leakage.

63, vacuum pump injection

Suction valve O-ring shedding

Unplug the vacuum pipe from the pump nozzle, unload the suction nozzle, remove the pressure spring and suction valve, gently stretch the O-ring several times, re-embed it in the groove, and then install it.

64, back valve blockage

Unload the oil return valve and clean it. After loosening the oil window, unload the oil window and wrap it with raw material or thin plastic film.

65, exhaust filter clogged or contaminated

Cleaning or replacement of exhaust filters; pump oil pollution; replacement of new oil; return valve clogging cleaning back oil valve

66, no sealing without heating

Replace heating strip;

The heating time relay is burnt out (the two lights are turned on at the same time and the OMRON light is yellow),

Adjust time relay contact with socket or replace time relay;

The heating line is fired to replace the heating line, and the installation is firm;

Control heating temperature band switch contact bad repair or replacement;

The AC contactor that controls heating does not reset repair (blow off foreign body with airflow) or replace;

Bad replacement of heating transformer

67, the heating does not stop.

Bad contact or burn out of heating time relay, contact or replacement of adjusting time relay with socket, control heating AC contactor not reset, repair or replace.

68, exhaust failure

The heating time and temperature are not adjusted properly;

An attachment on a heated cloth is scraped off with a fingernail;

69, not heated

One side of the bag bar and the heating device short circuit (usually with the short circuit of the copper solder) to adjust the position of the copper solder, or rest bag press bar

70, motor reversal

Any two-phase power cord replacement installation, pay attention not to change the ground wire, color wire for the ground wire

71. Pump does not pump vacuum:

The studio is not strictly covered, the studio will be strictly covered.

72. Bag wrinkle

Pressure valve broken or blocked, replace or clean pressure valve. The pressurized gas path ventilation is not smooth: straighten out the pressurized gas path. Inflatable mouth too large: reduce inflation mouth. Seal wrinkle: inflation mouth is not fixed, fixed inflation mouth.

73. Pressurized solenoid valve does not work

Cleaning or replacing solenoid valves;
Air bag damage and replacement of air bag;
Repair or replacement of damaged pressurized trachea;
No gas cooling time relay bad (in the electrical box) replacement time relay;
To find and connect with an open circuit; the valve is glued or burned to remove, clean, or replace.

74, vacuum packaging machine does not pump vacuum or vacuum is not high how to do?

1) if the vacuum pump is reversed, the rotation direction of the vacuum pump should be adjusted correctly if the direction of rotation is consistent with the arrow clicked on the vacuum pump;
2) the plane between the upper cover and the lower cover of the vacuum chamber may not be mild enough when the single chamber vacuum packaging machine is just purchased, so that the upper cover of the vacuum chamber and the panel can be matched by a little effort when we cover the vacuum chamber;
3) if the stroke switch is not in place, adjust the position of the stroke switch limiter.
4) time relay out of control, replacement.
5) the valve is not closed strictly, resulting in leakage, check the exhaust solenoid valve, valve core (rubber). Any wear, contamination or spool center deviation.
6) check whether there is leakage or loosening in every part of the pipeline.

75, the quality of heat seal is not good

1. Check whether the bag mouth is clean and avoid contamination.
2) check whether the Ni-Cr tape is working properly, whether the short-circuit, open-circuit phenomenon.
3) whether the heat sealing temperature and time are appropriate.
4) check for leakage of hot pressed air bag.
5) the hot sealing solenoid valve is not working properly.

76, after the vacuum can not be released, the vacuum chamber can not be opened.

1) time relay out of control, contact bad or damaged.
2) No power supply, check the power circuit.
3) check that the exhaust solenoid valve is working properly.

77. Failure phenomenon of vacuum packing machine:

1, cut off position deviate from color code
2, the cutter is cut on the product
3. Crinkle marks appear in the seal.
4, unsecured or missing seal
The thermometer cannot control the temperature.

78. Cause Analysis of Common malfunction of Box vacuum Packaging Machine:

1, color tracking is not turned on, thin film color is too light, film driven slip.
2. The push rod is not synchronized with the cutter, the tool seat is too high or too low, and the packing speed is too fast.
3, the temperature is too high, the speed is too slow, the coating outer layer heat resistance is bad.
4, the temperature is too low, the speed is too fast, the thermal sealing property of the inner layer of the coating is poor.
5, heat damage, solid-state relay burning, thermocouple damage, temperature control meter damage.

79, the elimination method of the box vacuum packing machine:

1. In the HMI tracking mode interface, the tracking mode is switched to “tracking cut” to adjust the sensitivity of electric eye sensing, and to adjust the pressure of glue stick or the looseness of brake.

(2) adjust the position of push finger, adjust the height of end seal parts, make the center of sealing knife meshing in the middle position of product height, and reduce the packing speed.
3, adjust the temperature; adjust the speed; change the film material.
4, change heat, change solid state relay, change electric couple, change temperature control meter

80, the vacuum cover won’t open.

1. Delayer plug-in damaged or moved
2. Discharge solenoid valve does not work
Exclusion methods:
Replace plug-in or delayer
Check control circuit, repair or replace solenoid valve

81, after vacuum is completed, do not switch to the next procedure
Delayer damage or loosening of the next program delayer
Troubleshooting: repair or replacement of delayers

82, after the seal is completed, do not switch to the next procedure:

Sealing delay damage or loosening of the next program delayer
Repair or replacement of delayers (elimination method)
The vacuum chamber cannot be opened after cooling:
Damaged cooling delay or non-working solenoid valve
Repaired replacement delayer, solenoid valve (elimination method)

83, vacuum packing machine vacuum chamber can not be opened,

The possible reasons are as follows:
1. The vent solenoid valve failed to open.
2. Electric open-cap type may open the cover motor damage, pull rod stuck.

84, residual air in the bag after processing,

The possible reasons are as follows:
The sealing strip is not restored well, which results in the bag mouth being pressed to death and the air in the bag can not be drawn out.
The sealing strip is inflexible, the bag mouth is pressed to death, resulting in the air can not be drawn out.

85, vacuum packaging machine operating noise, tripping, exhaust smoke, dripping oil.

Pump motor fan scraping abnormal noise, need to be repaired.
The air inlet is blocked and foreign body is found in the pump.
vacuum pump oil is not enough, or due to the use of non-standard oil
Long-term operation of the pump caused by overheating, or under high temperature, please keep the machine ventilated and heat dissipated.
Long-term use of vacuum pump motor aging, vacuum pump solenoid valve aging, resulting in insulation performance decline. Please replace the accessories or contact the manufacturer

86. Troubleshooting of heating Wire in vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum packaging machine heating wire is a kind of consumable products, but bad too often, is also abnormal, can be examined from the following aspects one by one:
1, whether the heating wire is connected with the fixed steel sheet or round bar on the side, because of the principle of heat expansion and contraction after heating, there will be a certain elongation, if connected with the fixed shape or round bar of the side, it will form the fact that
The short-circuit causes the fire and causes the heating wire to be damaged quickly. Therefore, under normal circumstances, there should be a certain interval between the two.
2, the double heating vacuum machine must replace both sides of the heating wire at the same time, because the two heating rows are connected circuit, so no matter whether the other side is intact, it must be completely replaced, and must be the same specification, the same batch; different batches
Second, different width, resistance will be different, will also reduce the service life of heating wire.
3, whether the high temperature rubber cloth used is wide enough, whether it is sticky enough, the high temperature rubber cloth with poor quality has low temperature resistance, poor viscosity, easy to make the heating wire connect with the packing bag, should use the 40MM wide, the viscosity is bigger, so stick to go up
The adhesive force is large, the heat wire tension is small.
Heating wire replacement operation
1. Loosen the fastening card of the vacuum packaging machine, remove the isolating cloth, untie the heating line, fix the screw, remove the heating rod, and then remove the heating rod.
(2) take off the broken heating piece, remove the oxide layer of the heating line fixed terminal, rotate the groove at one end of the new heating piece for one week, fix the other end to the insulation fixed block, and fix the other end to the other fixed block, so that the heating plate can be fixed.
Just tighten it up.

87. The heating belt of vacuum packaging machine is easy to burn off

Because the length of the sealing line is relatively long, generally reach 1 meters, often easy to break, generally less than 2 months on the burning, what is the reason?

1, heating with material problems, now generally use nickel-chromium or iron-chromium more, nickel-chromium more durable, but the price is much more expensive. Is 3-5 times of iron chromium, and also with stainless steel tape, not durable.

2. The copper cylinders connected to the electric tropical line are oxidized to a greater degree. Now the electric tropics of the domestic vacuum machines generally use copper screws. This kind of copper screw post was used fairly well at the beginning, but when the copper screw post was oxidized (it turned black), Tropical hair is easier to burn off, imported machines do better in this respect, using a pinch.

3. Transformer power is too low, this is due to cost considerations using small transformers, or transformer quality problems.

4, the vacuum time is too short, the vacuum chamber has too much residual air, so the heating zone is oxidized ahead of time. If the work per thousand times, the external vacuum packaging machine heating tape replacement frequency will be higher. Vacuum-pumping packaging machine is generally low working frequency, so the fault situation is not obvious.

5. The design of heating program is unreasonable: the reasonable heating program is when the heating tape is pressed on the sealing line, and the ordinary vacuum packaging machine, in order to improve the working efficiency, immediately heat up the vacuum and cause dry burning.

88, the vacuum packaging machine for drawing film is not good for hot sealing

Phenomenon: the upper and lower films are separated and stratified after hot sealing or sterilization.

Reasons: (1) the heat sealing temperature is low, which can not meet the needs of the inner layer heat sealing temperature.

(2) one or two of the upper and lower films have a wrong hot cover inside and outside the film.


The main results are as follows: (1) raise the heat sealing temperature to the required temperature of the inner thermal sealing material, but not too high, otherwise the phenomenon of viscous heat sealing plate and the deformation of the upper film will occur.

(2) the hot cover of one or two kinds of upper and lower films is adjusted well to ensure that the hot cover of the upper and lower films corresponds to each other.

89, drawing film vacuum packing machine, falling film

Phenomenon: the undercoat falls from the chain and cannot move synchronously with the chain, resulting in irregular stretching and packaging of the product.


(1) the width of the lower membrane is narrow.

(2) chain clamps are not tight.

(3) the orientation of the membrane is biased.


(1) the shearing width of the undercoat is widened to match the width of the chain.

(2) repair chain clamp.

(3) adjust the position of the lower membrane to coincide the center of the lower membrane with the center of the chain.

90.Wrinkle problem of vacuum packing Machine for stretching Film

Phenomenon: the wrinkle on the film after packaging.


The main results are as follows: (1) the heat sealing temperature is too high, the film is too much heat, and the upper film is shrinking.

(2) when the film stops, the film stays in the hot sealing plate for a long time, the film is mostly heated and the film shrinks.

(3) there is wrinkle on the membrane of unheated seal.

(4) there are foreign bodies on the hot sealing plate or marks on the heat seal board.

(5) the heat seal gasket is not smooth.


(1) decrease the heat sealing temperature, reduce the heat of the upper film and reduce the shrinkage of the upper film.

(2) in order to reduce the overheating of the film and avoid the wrinkle caused by the shrinkage and deformation of the film when it is heated, the production of the film will be guaranteed and the number of opening and stopping will be reduced.

(3) if there is wrinkle on the unheated sealing front film, if it is on the film, the quality of the product should be controlled during the production process, and the wrinkle should be avoided; if the film is under the film, there is a wrinkle before drawing, and the quality of the product should be controlled in the process of production, and the wrinkle should be avoided. If the lower film is wrinkled in the process of drawing, it shows that the film is heated too much during the process of drawing, reducing the drawing temperature, drawing preheating time and drawing forming time; Or the film is a stretch heating board with foreign body, board injury, remove foreign bodies, repair the heating plate.

(4) remove the foreign body from the heat seal board and trim the heat seal board.

(5) repair the heat seal gasket to ensure that the heat seal gasket is smooth, and there is no gap at the same time.

91, drawing film vacuum packaging machine drawing effect is poor

Phenomenon: the film is broken or badly formed after drawing


(1) the heating plate is not enough heat.

(2) when the heating temperature is mismatched and the film is too high, the film will stick to the hot sealing plate, increase the fog of the film, and the tensile molding will appear local thin. When the heating temperature is too low, the heating temperature of the film is low, which can not reach the stretching temperature of the film.

(3) the stretching depth is too deep.


(1) repair the heating plate so that it can be heated normally to ensure the adequate supply of heat.

(2) reduce or raise the heating plate temperature, adjust to the appropriate temperature range.

(3) the effective stretching range of the film is used correctly, the deep drawing film is drawn by a thicker film, and the shallow drawing film is drawn by a thin film, which not only guarantees the quality of the product, but also reduces the production cost.
92, drawing film vacuum packaging machine product packaging inside the air

Phenomenon: there is air in the film after heat sealing.


The main results are as follows: (1) the size of the upper film width is larger than that of the hot sealing plate. The vacuum pores of the hot sealing plate are blocked and the space between the upper and lower membranes is extracted.


(2) the vacuum pumping machine malfunctions and the vacuum pumping effect is poor.

(3) the vacuum pores in the hot sealing plate are clogged by foreign bodies.

(4) the heat sealing effect is poor and some air leakage.

(5) when the upper and lower films are combined with heat seal, the upper film deviates from the lower film, and some of the heat sealing is bad.

(6) when the film is stretched, there are small holes and air leakage.

(7) there are small holes and air leakage in the upper membrane.

(8) if the heat sealing temperature is too high, the film will be ironed with holes and air leakage.

(9) there is a gap in the heat seal gasket.


(1) adjust the width of the film to a suitable width and match with the hot sealing plate.

(2) maintenance of vacuum machine.

(3) maintain the hot sealing plate, remove foreign body and ensure the air hole is unobstructed.

(4) raise the heat seal temperature and compressed air pressure to ensure that the heat seal is in good condition.

(5) adjusting the upper film well and matching well with the lower film, there can be no deviation between the upper and lower membrane, and the heat seal of the upper and lower membrane is good.

(6) improve the drawing effect of the film and ensure that there are no holes in the film.

(7) replace the film and use a good film to ensure that the air is not leaking.

(8) keep the heat seal temperature as low as possible and prevent film ironing when the heat seal is in good condition.

(9)adjust the heat seal gasket to make it a complete sealing surface.

93. How to sharpen the Longitudinal cutting knife of the vacuum Packaging Machine for drawing Film

General is to use a finished knife, the direct purchase of new replacement on the line

94. The position of conveyer belt of continuous vacuum packaging machine is not accurate:


The main results are as follows: (1) 2JZ failure delay edge of contactor.

(2) bad ABS brake.

(3) the stroke switch X 1 is in bad contact.

Exclusion methods:

(1) cleaning contactor core dirt. (

2) adjust friction disc clearance and check brake controller.

(3) replace the stroke switch.

95. After the vacuum chamber of the continuous vacuum packaging machine is released, the lid does not rise:


(1) 4JZ intermediate relay is in bad contact.

(2) the 3JZ intermediate relay often close the contact point badly.

(3) the 5SJ time relay is not in good contact with closed contact.

(4) 4JZ intermediate relay coil does not work.

Elimination: check maintenance and replace the above components.

96. After the vacuum chamber of the continuous vacuum packaging machine falls into place, the vacuum shall not be pumped:


The main results are as follows: (1) 1SJ often close contact badly.

(2) the exhaust valve does not operate.

(3) the X 3 stroke switch is in bad contact.

Elimination: check correction, repair, replace the above components.

97. continuous vacuum packaging machine after the vacuum does not heat:


(1) the thermal seal is broken.

(2) poor contact of vacuum pump switch.

(3) bad contact of heating switch.

(4) the 5JZ contact of the contactor is not in good contact.

Troubleshooting: overhaul and replace the above parts.

98. Rolling vacuum packing machine exhaust valve does not vent:


(1) the valve is damaged.

(2) 5SJ time relay often close point contact is bad.

Troubleshooting method: overhaul and replace the above parts.

99. The vacuum chamber of the continuous vacuum packaging machine rises to place and the conveyor belt does not advance:


(1) the stroke switch X 2 is not pressed or in bad contact.

(2) poor contact of 2JZ contactor.

(3) Relay 2J often has bad contact with closed point.

4) the conveyer switch is in bad contact.

One hundred. continuous vacuum packaging machine real room rise is not in place:


The main results are as follows: (1) the 5SJ time relay is often in bad contact with the open contact.

(2) the relay 4JZ often close point contact badly.

(3) the stroke switch X 1 does not work.

Exclusion methods:

(1) replacement of 5SJ or 4SJ.

(2) adjusting the bumper. Make X1 action.

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